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The purpose of this (XS) module is to calculate the median (or in principle
also other statistics) with confidence intervals on a sample. To do that,
it uses a technique called bootstrapping. In a nutshell, it resamples the
sample a lot of times and for each resample, it calculates the median. From
the distribution of medians, it then calculates the confidence limits.

In order to implement the confidence limit calculation, various other
functions had to be implemented efficiently (both algorithmically efficient
and done in C). These functions may be useful in their own right and are
thus exposed to Perl. Most notably, this exposes a median (and general
selection) algorithm that works in linear time as opposed to the trivial
implementation that requires 'O(n*log(n))'.

Random numbers
The resampling involves drawing *many* random numbers. Therefore, the
module comes with an embedded Mersenne twister (taken from

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